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About Kate

Kate Frishman

Kate Frishman

Hi, I’m Kate Frishman.

I’ve started this blog so I have an excuse to talk about books. And kids.

And movies and husbands and making fun things and navigating this crazy world.

But mostly books.

And hopefully, you’ll want to talk about some of these books things with me.

Here is a somewhat random set of facts about me and my life:

I have five children and one beautiful amazing brilliant granddaughter. My children are 23, 21, 15, 13, and 11. My granddaughter is 10 months old.

(I think my children are beautiful and amazing, too, and truly brilliant, but the baby is new, and you know how that is…)

My husband hates to exercise, so he rode several thousand miles on his bicycle and completed six duathlons this year. Oh, and he’s brilliant, too. Ahem.

I love coffee, tea, and chocolate, and at a restaurant I almost always order a chef’s salad. Boring.

My happy places are Disney World and the library.

My superpowers are Book Psychic and Finder of Other People’s Lost Things.

I lived in England for a few years a very long time ago and I still love British television. I have a schoolgirl crush on David Tennant (who’s Scottish, I know).

When I’m not reading books, I’m writing one. It’s a Family Book, of the historical fiction/fantasy genre. I expect to finish it in 2020.

I’m also a hospice nurse and a sometimes marriage officiant. The best wedding I’ve ever performed was my daughter Holly’s.

So that’s me, in a nutshell, if it’s possible to compress 45 years of life into a nutshell. I hope you’ll come and set a spell, to use my grandma’s old phrase. I’d love to hear about your life and your family and your books…